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SEPARATION ANXIETY SEPARATION ANXIETY When pets are left alone at home for a long time or repeatedly, they often show a condition known as a separation anxiety disorder. Pets usually exhibit extraordinary or unusual behaviors when we fail to find the right solution for the hours they are alone. These behaviors vary in different pets …



PET FOODS PET FOODS People spend a lot of money per year on their pets to buy food for them. A study showed that there were 200 million pets only in the United States in 2006, with an annual cost to maintaining them equal to $40 million, of which $15 million was allocated solely to …

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Impact of Time Changes on Separation-Related Behavior

Impact of Time Changes on Separaion-Related Behavior Dogs can expand separation-related behaviors (SRBs), consisting of barking/howling, pacing, toileting or destroying family objects while they may be left without human company. These behaviors may be difficult for proprietors however also are welfare worries for the puppies due to the fact they imply the canine is in …

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